Zendesk Certification Exams

Earn your employer’s trust as the go-to Zendesk person through certification. Becoming certified will also raise your profile for career growth opportunities to take on new projects, step into a leadership role, or create something of your own.

We are offering four certification exams during Relate. Exams are offered at 9:00am, 11:30am, and 2:00pm on Tuesday, March 3, 2020. Certification candidate descriptions are below.

Certification Options

Zendesk Support Administrator

A Zendesk Support Administrator possesses the knowledge and skills necessary to implement, configure, and manage an account of Zendesk Support. You have hands-on experience completing day-to-day operational tasks needed to manage a Zendesk support instance.

Zendesk App Developer I

Zendesk App Developer I possess the knowledge and skills necessary to develop scalable Zendesk apps on the Zendesk platform and leverage the REST APIs to extend Zendesk using web programming skills. You follow security best practices, understand version control, can use ZAT competently and can create and deploy working server-side apps.

Zendesk Guide Specialist

A Zendesk Guide Specialist possesses the knowledge and skills necessary to create, manage, organize, and deliver self-service content throughout the customer lifecycle. You are ready to design and implement your company’s content strategy.

Zendesk Explore CX Analyst

Zendesk Explore CX Analyst possesses the knowledge and skills necessary to configure and manage reporting using Zendesk Explore. You have hands-on experience building custom calculations, charts, and dashboards and knows the ins and outs of distributing reports and managing permissions.