Adapt your brand and reap boundless rewards

Adapt your brand and reap boundless rewards

You may want to wait a moment before you book that flash mob. While it’s critical for startups to build brand awareness early, it’s equally as important to develop a long-term marketing strategy. In this session, Toke Nygaard (Zendesk) explains why the brand you initially create could eventually hold you back, how to overcome the fear of change, and when to set your brand right. Toke and Aaron Magness (Brandless) will tackle effective ways for early stage startups to build, implement, and scale effective brand and marketing campaigns for lasting customer relationships.

Featured Speaker

Aaron Magness Chief Marketing Officer, Brandless

Toke Nygaard Chief Creative Officer, Zendesk

Event time

March 4, 2020,

2:15 pm - 2:45 pm

Event Tracks

  • Track 5 - Best practices for growth

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