What separates leaders from managers?

What separates leaders from managers?

Your employees need someone to inspire them. They crave personal and professional growth. And that means, you must show up as a leader. Leaders inspire, managers control. In this session, Solu Nwanze (Zendesk) gives you new and tactical advice to immediately start using in your contact center, your technical org, or anywhere else in your company. Learn how to overcome your fears and perceptions, and empower your team through guided self-discovery in leadership. Solu’s extensive background in executive coaching means you’ll walk away with exciting techniques to approach your leadership.

Featured Speaker

Solu Nwanze Director Business Operations, Zendesk & Executive Coach

Event time

March 4, 2020,

1:30 pm - 2:00 pm

Event Tracks

  • Track 3 - Provide better customer experience

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