Innovative solutions for managing hyper-growth

Innovative solutions for managing hyper-growth

Omada Health is growing fast. Facing the challenges of hyper-growth and increased demands from health care providers, patients, and internal employees, they needed a flexible, robust solution that would help them improve their service quality, increase speed, and integrate with their existing systems. That was Zendesk. Hear from Bill Dougherty (Omada Health) and Melissa Raymond (Zendesk) on how their strategies pertain to any high-growth organization or regulated industry seeking to improve customer experiences while navigating issues of operational security and compliance.

Featured Speaker

Melissa Raymond Vice President, Data and Analytics, Zendesk

William Dougherty VP, IT & Security, Omada Health

Event time

March 4, 2020,

2:15 pm - 2:45 pm

Event Tracks

  • Track 1 - Know your Zendesk

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