Learn from the “Humans behind the headset”

Learn from the “Humans behind the headset”

Heads up: You’re a kickass customer service guru, agent, or advocate. You bring your best self to the front lines everyday and you’re changing the idea of customer experience. Come learn from your peers as Kayla Schmidt (Zendesk) sits down with rad support folks Simone Davalos (Slack), James Robbins (Tide Cleaners), and Katie Duck (Zendesk) to respond to any of your questions—Zendesk, customer support, or life in general.

Featured Speaker

Kayla Schmidt Agent Initiatives Associate, Zendesk

James Robbins Director, Customer Support, Tide Cleaners

Katie Duck Technical Support Engineer, Zendesk

Simone Davalos Senior Customer Experience Agent, Slack

Event time

March 4, 2020,

2:15 pm - 2:45 pm

Event Tracks

  • Track 3 - Provide better customer experience

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