Training Day

Take your customer support experience to the next level

Zendesk Training Day is a day of deep-dive product training and hands-on exercises to enhance your Zendesk skills. There are three training tracks to choose from: Support for Admins, Guide, and Explore. Get ready for product demos, breakout groups, and Q&A with our trainers. Training sessions and certification exams are paid events that run concurrently.

Training Day will take place on Tuesday, March 3, 2020 at the Miami Convention Center.

Training Tracks

Training Track option 1 – Zendesk Support for Admins, I and II Training (Agenda*)

You’ll learn the key features of Zendesk Support including User roles and permissions, Views, Macros, Triggers, Automations, SLAs, Ticket and User fields. We will show you how to configure your account and use the features to meet your business goals–whether you’re a small organization or a large enterprise. You’ll walk away a lot more confident about how you should set up (or clean up) your Zendesk Support.

Learning objectives:

  • Login and navigate the dashboard
  • Review a ticket and understand ticket fields to improve agent workflows
  • Use shared views and macros to boost agent efficiency
  • Use organizations to provide targeted customer service
  • Use event-based triggers to save your agents time
  • Use time-based automations to reduce agent workload

Training Track option 2 – Zendesk Guide, I and II Training  (Agenda*)

You’ll learn the key features of Zendesk Guide, our robust yet easy to set up self-service product. We will show you the main components of Guide, tools for branding and customization, and focus on the tools that enable ticket deflection: the Web Widget, Answer Bot, Knowledge Base and Gather.

Learning objectives:

  • Learn the structure and components of Guide
  • Brand your Help Center and manage content
  • Assess the utility of your Help Center
  • Realize additional ticket deflection strategies
  • Set up and configure the Web Widget and Answer Bot
  • Leverage your entire team and the KC App to grow your Knowledge Base

Training Track option 3 – Zendesk Explore, I and II Training (Agenda*)

If you’re new to Explore, this is the event for you! You’ll learn the key features of Zendesk Explore, our robust analytics product. Learn how to create custom queries and dashboards for your business. We will also show you how to create a dataset and use results manipulation and calculations to create even more targeted reports tailored to your use case. Note: Prior to attending this event, customers must activate Explore in their accounts (or in a trial) and make sure that it is populated with some ticket data.

Learning objectives:

      • Navigate Explore and its Pre-built Dashboards
      • Create Custom Queries and New Datasets
      • Add, Customize, and Share Dashboards
      • Clone a Query to Your Dataset and Customize it
      • Create Queries Using Calculations
      • Use Advanced Filters on Your Dashboard

NOTE: All training tracks are happening concurrently. Please only register for one.

*Agendas are subject to change